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Oct. 28th, 2016

frameacloud: A stylized green dragon person reading a book. (A stylized green dragon person reading a)
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On the art patronage site, my Patreon, once we reach the next milestone goal of $300/month, I'll start posting new pages of Theri There. Good news: we're about halfway to that goal! We've been making progress toward it, and if you tell your friends and/or chip in, we can make it!

Currently, you can read the archives of Theri There on the comic hosting site, Tapastic. There, you can also read some pages of it translated into Russian and Spanish. Please like and share them on there! (You can also like/reblog them directly on Tumblr.)

As of this week, I'm now in between day jobs, which means 1) I have more time to focus on my art right now... and 2) I don't have a real source of income. Both of these are great reasons to chip in to my Patreon right now. Remember, we're on our way to the next milestone, where I'll post new Theri There comics! Plus, patrons get access to secret content.

By the way, I did post a new page of Theri There this year even though we didn't reach the milestone goal yet. Here it is!


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