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Comic, see below for transcription.

I just got started on Tapastic, which is a site that hosts comics. Please subscribe to Theri There on Tapastic, which is free. When 500 people have subscribed to it, I'll do something cool, so please tell your friends, too.

On Tapstic, you can toggle between reading them in English or in Spanish. Thanks to Jamiroth and Golden Spirit of Otherkin Hispano for translating them to Spanish!

Meanwhile, I’ve set a goal on my Patreon that I’ll start making completely new Theri There comics about otherkin when I’m making $300 a month. You can chip in a dollar to help this happen. Please become a patron.

Transcript of the above comic:

A comic with three panels, reading from left to right, top to bottom.

Panel 1:

A green dragon person stands outdoors, very early on a clear morning. They're wearing a black beret and a lavender t-shirt, and they're carrying a sketchbook and a small backpack. They wave hello, saying,

"Hi! I'm Orion Scribner, and I've wanted to make comics for a living ever since I was a small child."

Below this is a box that says "About me." The box contains this list of trivia:

- @frameacloud
- they/themself
- art history BA
- making comics since age seven
- dragon (with an arrow pointing at the dragon person)
- despite appearance, a real person.

Orion Scribner continues, saying, "Back in 2005, I started running a well-liked comic, Theri There, about otherkin. Tapastic is the perfect place for it. I want to make more comics!"

Panel 2:

A top-down view of a desk covered in many kinds of art tools, labeled "what I work with." The tools include:

- a T-square
- a drafting triangle
- a pouch full of pencils and erasers
- a boxed set of technical illustration pens
- a USB plugin for a tablet
- a large spiral-bound sketchbook open to some tentative comic plans
- and a small Moleskine notebook labeled 2016.

Orion Scribner says from off-panel, "Currently, I work alone on my comics, and a day job will have to be my main source of income."

They continue, "I hope that someday, I'll make comics full-time, and that I'll have the funds to hire assistants and collaborators!"

Panel 3:

Orion says, "One way you can be a patron of MY arts is through Patreon. Even $1/month brings my dream closer, and you get secret goodies!"

Date: 2016-05-22 07:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ntshadow.livejournal.com
You're back? Awesome!
I was discussing therian webcomics in a therian irc chat the other day, decided to do a search on Theri There to see if the archive was still around and found you returned!


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