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Comic, see below for transcription.

I just got started on Tapastic, which is a site that hosts comics. Please subscribe to Theri There on Tapastic, which is free. When 500 people have subscribed to it, I'll do something cool, so please tell your friends, too.

On Tapstic, you can toggle between reading them in English or in Spanish. Thanks to Jamiroth and Golden Spirit of Otherkin Hispano for translating them to Spanish!

Meanwhile, I’ve set a goal on my Patreon that I’ll start making completely new Theri There comics about otherkin when I’m making $300 a month. You can chip in a dollar to help this happen. Please become a patron.

Transcript of the above comic:
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Thumbnail image for today's comic.

Commentary that should be read after the comic, or else it'll spoil it. )

This past year, I've tended to devote more of my creative energies into making an illustrated journal, full of rants, sketches, meditations, jokes, attempts at sorting out my spirituality, and anything else about my personal life that needs to be drawn out in the form of a cartoon. That comic-journal is completely private, since I've found that if I don't censor myself and don't have to worry about how other people would see it, don't have to worry about something being too scribbly or arguable or personal, I'm getting farther with discovering my writing-voice. It just seems to work better when I can be as brashly honest as I want, as well as combining illustrations and text together instead of having them separate. It's been a marvelous exercise. When I drew this particular entry in it last morning (which was something that actually happened) I decided this one ought to be shared.

How do you feel about some (but not all) episodes of "Theri There" being a cartoon journal of a real therianthrope's life, and other interjections such as an episode with a joke about (say) Arthurian legends, rather than all the episodes having to deal directly with defining therianthropy in general? Must they all be exclusively, completely on-topic (even more so than most discussion forums about therianthropy or draconity tend to be, which tend to wander in any direction that interests the members, to such an extent that alt.fan.dragons said that nothing was off-topic for them at all)? Or can the idea of "on-topic" be broadened to include other topics that I feel are related to it? I was starting to feel like it was too limiting, even though I do have a lot of material for it, I have all these other comic ideas as well. What do you think, should they all be together in "Theri There," or should it stay strict with what's considered on-topic?
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The comic for August 26!

What, another one? Yes!

The first birthday of Theri There is coming up soon on September 4... a whole year! Many webcomics never make it that far. Although I have a zillion scripts and comic ideas in my notebooks, there were stretches when I wondered if I could ever find the time to make finished versions of any of them. A comic a week sounds easy until you get into midterms, and once you've lost your pace at comic updates, it's hard to pick it up again.

In celebration of Theri There's upcoming birthday, I'm going to make sure that this will be a full year of comics. In the past, I've missed 17 of the weekly comics, and now I'm going to make up for each of them. That's why there's an additional update today: it's a replacement for January 16, the first update that I missed. It cuts the count of missed comics down to 16 and raises the list of finished comics to 32.

[Edit 2017-04-03: Updated link.]
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You know the drill now: Monday's comic won't show up until Monday, GMT -08:00.

Livejournal entries on [livejournal.com profile] therithere now have tags. From now on, if you're looking for a specific old comic, you're not stuck with going back through each comic chronologically until you stumble across it. Now if the comic you're looking for has (say) a wolf in it, you can just look up all the entries with "wolves" listed in the tags.

[edit] There were technical difficulties, so the discussion about the comic itself is all actually on this other Livejournal entry.

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