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An online comic about therianthropes and otherkin

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Name:Theri There
Website:Theri There
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"Theri There" is an online comic about therianthropes and otherkin, real people who identify as creatures other than human. Most of these are written and drawn by frameacloud (Orion Sandstorrm), but since I want to represent a wider variety of voices and opinions, I'm happy to run guest comics submitted by readers.


If you have a LiveJournal account, feel free to add this journal to your watch list for updates. If you don't have a LiveJournal account, you can watch for updates by subscribing to the RSS feed.

Like all resources I create for the otherkin and therian communities, such as otherkin_news and my timeline, booklist, and directory, this comic is available for free. If you think this is worth something to you and to the community, then you can donate, if you like.

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'kin,, alt.horror.werewolves,, angelkin, animal spirits, animal totemism, anthro, anthro art, anthropomorphic art, anthropomorphics, anthropomorphs, anthros, changelings, comic books, comics, comiques, comix, drache, draconity, dragonkin, dragons, dragão, dæmons, elementals, elenari, elfkin, elvenkind, elves, fae, faeries, fairies, familiars, fictionkin, foxes, funnies, furries, furry, furry art, furry comics, furry forever, furry lifestyle, furry lifestylers, furry peace, graphic novels, gryphons, incarnated elementals, keenspace, kemono, kin, komiks, komödie, livres comiques, lostkin, lycanthropes, lycanthropy, lykanthropie, m-shifting, manga, mediakin, mythology, non-humans, nonhumans, online comics, other kin, other-kin, otherkin, otherkinds, otherkins, past lives, reading comics, reincarnation, sequential art, shape-shifters, shape-shifting, shapeshifters, shapeshifting, shifters, shifting, sidhe, soulbonders, soulbonding, soulbonds, species dysphoria, species identity disorder, spiritual therianthropy, steppenwolf, teriomorfismo, theri there, therians, therianthropes, therianthropie, therianthropy, thériantropie, totem animals, totemism, transspeciesism, unicorns, vampires, vampyres, web comics, webcomics, webcómics, werebeasts, werecreatures, werefolk, weres, werewolves, wings, wolves, антропоморфный, астральный план, веб-комиксы, волки, драконов, драконы, иные, комикс, комиксы, манга, оборотней, териантропия, тотемизм, האת'רקינ, ובקומיקס, ウェブコミック, 漫画, 狼男, , 獣人, 獸人,
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