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Aug. 27th, 2006 07:42 pm
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Comic for August 27, 2006. Today's comic is actually two pages long, making amends for the missed comics on January 30 and February 20. I've been tinkering with the script on this one for a long time; the first page was made last week, and the second page was made today.

Yay for the first appearance of mister non-stereotypical vampire. Psychic vampire, at that.

Footnotes from the comic pages:
* See examples of human-and-dragon friendships and heroic dragons in Greek and Roman natural histories, such as The Natural History of Pliny the Elder, Book viii, Chap. xxii (after Democritus) and Aelianus de Natura Animalium: Book VI, Chap. 63; Book VIII, Chap. 11; Book X, Chap. 48, and others. All are cited in Charles Gould's Mythical Monsters (1886) which was republished as Dragons, Unicorns, and Sea Serpents (2002).
** See the chapter on unicorns in Charles Gould's Dragons, Unicorns, and Sea Serpents. I don't have to identify specific antiquated sources that he quoted in this case, because virtually all of them ended up saying unicorns are "fierce" or "ferocious." I'd intended to make a tally of it.

[Edit 2017-04-03: Updated link.]
frameacloud: A stylized green dragon person reading a book. (Default)
[personal profile] frameacloud

The comic for August 26!

What, another one? Yes!

The first birthday of Theri There is coming up soon on September 4... a whole year! Many webcomics never make it that far. Although I have a zillion scripts and comic ideas in my notebooks, there were stretches when I wondered if I could ever find the time to make finished versions of any of them. A comic a week sounds easy until you get into midterms, and once you've lost your pace at comic updates, it's hard to pick it up again.

In celebration of Theri There's upcoming birthday, I'm going to make sure that this will be a full year of comics. In the past, I've missed 17 of the weekly comics, and now I'm going to make up for each of them. That's why there's an additional update today: it's a replacement for January 16, the first update that I missed. It cuts the count of missed comics down to 16 and raises the list of finished comics to 32.

[Edit 2017-04-03: Updated link.]


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